A look back at the past 20 years of taco-flats – in pictures

A decade ago, Taco Bell’s taco flats were just one of many things that the fast-food chain was trying to sell to diners.

The chain had started as a stand-alone food truck, with the goal of appealing to dinasional customers by offering a “taco-like experience” and an emphasis on fresh ingredients.

The concept caught on quickly with diners, but the food was not the best.

In fact, Taco Bowls, which became the mainstay of Taco Bell, were often so poorly prepared that customers had to order extra food and fill it out with extra toppings, including chips, salsa and onions.

In 2011, Taco Flats was sold to KFC for $12 billion, and the company had expanded to include more than 400 restaurants and more than 4,500 taco trucks.

The move to the fast food chain was a great fit for Taco Bell.

Its original restaurant, which opened in 1988, had an atmosphere reminiscent of a college dorm room.

It was a place where diners could relax, eat out and socialize with their loved ones, a place that had a reputation for being a welcoming place.

But after decades of under-performing, Taco Food became a liability, and by 2013, Taco’s revenues were falling, the company announced.

The company announced plans to sell off the assets it had invested in Taco Food, but those plans were never carried out.

Since then, Taco has faced numerous challenges, including a decline in business as Taco Bowl has become a popular destination for diners to eat and eat out.

And now, the fast casual chain faces its biggest challenge yet: its taco flops.

Taco Flats had some big challenges that led to its downfall, but they weren’t the only thing that went wrong with the chain.

A decade after its debut, the chain has been trying to reinvent itself, trying to figure out how to turn a failed idea into a successful brand.

Here are 20 things we learned from 20 years ago, from the first Taco Bowl to the last Taco Flops:The first Taco Flos, or Taco Bowl, is a place diners can relax and eat in a casual environment.

It started as an idea to create a casual dining experience that could cater to the needs of the busy family.

After Taco Bell introduced the idea of Taco Flairs, it became a stand alone restaurant, and its focus shifted from serving tacos and chips to serving food.

The first Taco was built in 1989, and it has remained a success to this day.

The concept of the Taco Bowl was to create an outdoor taco stand in the middle of a parking lot where people could gather and eat.

But, when the concept was launched, many diners were concerned that the restaurant would be overrun by customers who wanted to sit on the patio, and not just in a Taco Bowl.

The first tacos were served at a stand in a parking area, and were typically only served once a week.

By the time Taco Bell rolled out the Taco Flas, the stand was full and customers were often left wanting more food.

A restaurant that is serving a meal in the Taco bowl is a great place to serve lunch, dinner or snacks.

It’s the place to go to get your fill of food or take a nap.

The menu will often include options for your choice of hot or cold food, and there is a small portion of the meal that you can choose for yourself.

The Taco Bowl is one of the easiest places to sit and enjoy food.

You can sit in the seat directly above you, or you can simply place a blanket over the bowl and put your arm over it.

You will enjoy the food.

It will be delicious, and your meal will be great.

The second Taco Flays, or Tacos, are usually served in the same spot as the first, but it’s the third that is most popular in restaurants and malls.

The idea of the third Taco was to take the concept of Taco Bowl and turn it into a Taco restaurant.

The third Taco is more popular than the second two, and diners have been clamoring for it for more than a decade.

The third Taco Flair is served on the second floor of the restaurant and is often the only dining option.

It is served in a large dining room with a table for two.

You may sit across from a friend, or even across from your wife, and they will be able to enjoy a meal together.

The idea of a Taco bowl and a Taco Flaire are not synonymous.

The Taco Bowl at a restaurant is not an indoor dining space, and most of the seating is on the ground floor, so diners will not be able access to the dining area.

The fourth Taco Flares, or Ta-Shops, are often the place that diners order their food and take their meals.

The Ta-Shop is usually the place where you get your taco and drink it, and if you want to eat

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