Steve Madden’s ‘Flat Sandals’ Are Not the Same as the Real Thing

Steve Madden is a former NFL quarterback and an entrepreneur.

He founded the Flatsavers apparel company, which sells high-quality sneakers.

His flat sandal collection, which he’s named after the flat sandstone formations on his own property, is called Flat Sandals.

“They are not the same as the shoes that I made,” Madden said.

“I love them and I love to wear them.”

The flats are crafted of a material called sandal wax and the soles are handmade.

They have a “stretch” feel that’s similar to sneakers.

And they’re made with cotton canvas, which can be expensive.

“The leathers have a nice soft feel,” Madden explained.

“And they’re great for a flat-soled shoe.

They don’t have that stretch that you get from a shoe with a leather sole.

You can wear them without shoes for days.

They’re really durable.”

The flat sand shoes are sold online for about $80 each.

It’s hard to find them in stores, but Madden said he sells the shoes on his Facebook page and has several sales in his home state of Florida.

His company also has two other sites.

They include Flatsaver Shoes and Flatsaving Shoes.

It doesn’t have a website yet, but it’s looking to make one.

The company has raised $6 million from investors including Andreessen Horowitz and Andreessen Capital.

The Flat Sandal Company has been featured on ESPN, Fox Business, The Wall Street Journal and many other media outlets.

It has over 1.4 million followers on Facebook.

“We have a whole bunch of really good people that are really passionate about this stuff,” Madden told The Huffington Post.

“But I think a lot of people underestimate how much of a passion these people have.

I’m really lucky to have them as my fans.”

In the future, Madden is planning to sell his company online.

“There’s a lot more stuff that I want to do in the future,” he said.

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