Which is the ‘Bikini Girl’ you most identify with?

The bikini model’s body has a distinctly ‘Bikie’ feel.

The ‘bikie look’ has been around for more than 50 years and, according to one source, is a “cultural thing”.

One of the first models to adopt the style was Victoria Beckham, whose body has been dubbed “the most beautiful woman in the world”.

The ‘Biker’ model has a “naked look” and “shaggy hair” which is a fashion statement, says a source.

The model’s clothing often features a ‘Bikeman’ motif, says the source.

“The ‘Biking Girl’ is the girl that’s the first to say ‘no’ to all that is not ‘normal’.” The ‘bum’ or ‘biker’ look is seen as an affront to the traditional British male body, according a source, while the ‘fat lady’ is seen “as a symbol of the ‘unacceptably fat’ male body”.

This image has become synonymous with a range of sexualisation, including the ‘burlesque’ act of dancing around the waist, the ‘chick dance’ and the ‘nudist’ trend, according the source from The Bikie Museum.

The trend has spread to Hollywood and the media, where it has been used to sell ‘skinny’ films and books, such as the Fifty Shades trilogy.

The “bikini girl” is a term for a British male that has “an exotic body shape that is both attractive and empowering”, says a spokesperson from the Bikies.

“We all wear a bikini for the same reason – to prove we’re not fat and that we don’t need to hide,” she says.

“That is why we’re here to celebrate our beautiful bodies, and to celebrate all that makes us human.”


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