Why are so many Mexicans buying flats on Airbnb?

The cost of a single-family home in Mexico has risen by almost 50% in just six years.

Some are even using Airbnb to save money, which could help them pay for rent, according to a recent report by Mexican real estate website TicoHotels.com.

The report showed that Mexican families bought more than a third of the apartments listed on the site in 2016.

The majority of these purchases were in the capital city of Tijuana, where rents are much higher.

Some of the listings are for just under $1,000 a month, while others cost more than $2,000.

TicoHotel.com found that of the homes that were purchased for less than $500, almost half were bought in the border city of Nuevo Laredo.

The average monthly rent in Nueva Ecija is $2.60 per month, and a similar amount in San Luis Potosi.

In addition to the increased prices, some homes were sold on Airbnb while others were rented out to other people for the night.

This means that the owners are not paying taxes, as is the case with traditional property ownership.

Ticos Hotel and Resorts president Francisco González-Rojas said in a statement that the company was working to remove the listings on the Airbnb platform.

The company said it would also provide more details to the public on how it would monitor the properties to prevent the misuse of properties.

Airbnb is a social networking website that lets users share and rent homes.

The website was founded in 2011 by a group of investors led by tech entrepreneur Yuri Milner.TICOs hotel has more than 700 rooms and four hotels in Mexico City.

The hotel has been in business for 15 years, and it has more hotels than any other in the country.

But the company has been struggling in recent years due to rising prices and high occupancy rates.

TinoHotels is also one of the largest real estate firms in Mexico.

Its brands include the Tico Resorts and Tico Hotel Group.

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