Man on flat bench presses a ‘genius’ in new book

ANCHORAGE, Alaska — A New York Times article published Friday details how a man named David “Big Daddy” Friesen developed a new skill that he said he was “invented” by his wife.

Friesen’s wife, Lizzie, told the newspaper her husband was the “only one in his family” who could lift a heavy bench, the Times reported.

She said he used to work at the local Walmart, then became a trainer for the US Olympic team.

She also said she taught her husband the basic movement of the bench press, which involves a wide stance, and the three-finger drop.

The article says Frieson used his new skills to compete in the world’s biggest competition in 2006, the World Championship of Powerlifting.

He was competing in the event where he became the first man in history to lift more than 700 pounds without lifting weights.

Fryen said he also discovered a new passion for bodybuilding that has continued to grow since the accident that occurred when he was 19.

The New York Post also reported Friday that Friesson is suing a former wife of his, a former partner, a fitness instructor and a local fitness center.

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