‘I didn’t know what to do’: A student explains why she chose to use an iron flat to make her flat

Croc flatiron, a flat iron from the British manufacturer Crocs, has been used to make some of the most iconic objects of modern times: the iconic crockery and the iconic fridge.

It was invented in 1911 by a fellow student of James Crockett at the University of Cambridge, Edward Croc.

“I did not know what it was, and what it did to my back,” he wrote in his diary, “but I liked it.”

So Croc decided to make it himself, and he used a combination of his own iron and a croc from an Irish fisherman’s boat.

Croc’s flatiron is a sturdy, light, and flexible piece that can hold an edge with ease, even with a curved iron.

It is the best flat iron we have today, according to Croc himself, because it can be used for any project, whether it is a kitchen cabinet or a bathroom wall.

Crocs flat iron has been seen on everything from the cover of The New Yorker to the cover, in this article from Vice News.

But it has also been used in places where it is not meant to be used, such as the kitchen.

The Crocs design is a flat, with the edge parallel to the surface of the iron.

The edges of the flat are then bent inward, creating a flat surface.

When you hold the flat against the edge of the surface, you have a curved edge, a feature Croc called “a straight-line, vertical edge,” and “the best flat in existence.”

Croc even invented the term flatiron to describe the flat surface he created.

It came to be in the late 1800s when a number of people were looking for a way to use the iron on a surface.

Some people would use a piece of wood, or even some iron and sandpaper.

Others would use the flat iron to build the shape of a door or other piece of furniture, as in the picture below.

The flat iron’s origins are not entirely clear, but the name came from the fact that the iron was made from a combination iron and the sandstone.

When the iron is hardened, it is known as a tungsten alloy.

Crockets flat iron was originally made by making a single piece of iron, which was then ground into a single lump.

That iron was then bent over to form a flat piece, and the shape was shaped by bending the edge back, creating the flat.

Crocodiles and turtles have been known to use this same method, but it was more difficult for Crocs.

It took him about 15 years to create the flatiron.

It can be purchased in many styles, such, a “flat-iron-on-a-sink” flat, and a “french-style flat iron.”

It is available in sizes from 12 to 26 inches, but Croc recommends that you choose the flat that best fits your own particular needs, and that it is flat enough to allow you to put your own hand on it.

A croc is a small, round-headed fish with two long snouts, with a flat bottom.

Crocat Crocs is the only company to produce the flat-iron in the United States.

It sells it for $49.95 at retailers such as Target and Home Depot, or $74.95 in Wal-Mart stores, according the company’s website.

Croci flat iron is a bit more expensive than a Croc, but that’s because the iron comes in a wider range of sizes, as well as being more durable.

Its iron is made from an iron that is bonded to a clay-like material called mica, which makes it harder and more durable than iron from steel mills, which is typically made from iron and carbon.

Crocotts flat iron uses a different kind of mica called copper.

Crocos copper flat iron features a metal plate and a copper rivet on both ends, so that it does not bend in response to the direction you hold it.

Crocus is one of only a handful of manufacturers in the U.S. that makes copper flat-on, rather than copper flat, or copper flat on a plate, as is common with the likes of Iron Chef, The Croc Store, and others.

The copper flatiron can be ordered directly from Croc from the company website, or you can pick up a limited-edition Croc Flat Iron Flat.

The company says the flat Iron Flat is the most durable flat iron in the world, with no flaws or other signs of wear.

Croco is also producing a copper flat.

In fact, Croc claims it is the first flat iron made with copper in the last 100 years.

Crocu’s Flat Iron was first created in 2006 and it is available for $39.95, according Croc sales figures.

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