The first of a series of new climate-controlled gardens at the bonneval salt flats

A new series of garden plots at Bonneville Salt Flats in southern Australia have been opened to the public, with the first ever salt flats planted to conserve the land.

The first garden plots were planted in 2016, but the new garden will be planted to last for a year, allowing the new plantings to be maintained by the salt flats.

The new garden, located at the site of a former salt flat, has been set up to create a place for the public to grow their own food and enjoy the natural beauty of the area.

It is hoped that the gardens will create a healthy community for the community of people who live and work in the area and the surrounding community.

Australian landscape architect and climate change expert Mark Williams said the new plants and trees were an important part of the restoration.

“This is one of the first times we have seen plants in a salt flat so they can actually survive for a couple of years,” he said.

Williams said the plants and shrubs were also a part of a wider community project to improve the area’s biodiversity.

He said the project was being developed with support from the Australian Government, as well as the local communities in Bonneval.

‘It’s going to be fantastic’ The project will be funded by a $10,000 grant from the Department of Infrastructure.

In 2017, Williams said a similar project was also planned at Bonnava Beach in New South Wales, with a focus on restoring biodiversity in the estuary and the area surrounding it.

We’re very happy with the way this project has progressed so far, he said, with many volunteers involved.

Mr Williams said there had been a lot of feedback from the community, which included people who lived in the salt flat areas, and that had also been a major factor in the decision to make the project public.

This was a very different situation than what we were expecting.

A number of people in the community said they were very excited to see this happen, he added.

“This was something that had never been done before and people were very supportive of it,” he explained.

People from Bonnaville were also supportive of the project, with some telling the ABC they were more excited about the garden than the garden itself.

Bonnava Mayor Peter Stathelis said the area was already struggling with pollution from heavy winds and droughts, but hoped the new project would help to improve that situation.

“The area is getting more polluted and the amount of erosion is increasing, so the water is getting into our rivers and rivers and they’re going to have to deal with more of that pollution,” he told the ABC.

Stathelas decision to open the new salt flats to the community was motivated by the fact they would be open to the first group of people to come into the area in three years.

“We’re trying to keep the area green for everyone, so that’s why we’re opening it to the wider community, so people can come into it, see what’s there, see the plants, see their garden, and they can help themselves and the local community to preserve this land for future generations,” he added


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