This is a flat earth proof stove

Posted February 13, 2018 07:17:56This is a round flat earthproof stove that has been built by an amateur to keep the Earth flat and protect its inhabitants from the cold of space.

The flat earth is the Earth’s crust, and it’s flat because it’s hollow.

The top surface of the Earth is at right angles to its surface.

The Flat Earth Proof Steamer is a four-stroke steam engine powered by four cylinders of steam, and a steam turbine drives the rear wheels.

The flat top design allows it to stay flat while keeping it cool.

The steam engine is connected to a 12 volt battery pack.

The stove has a water tank and two fans to keep it cool, but the water tank needs to be filled.

It can be heated by a solar panel, but this is not necessary.

This flat top stove has an aluminum top, a titanium base, and two metal spindles to move the wood to the right and left sides of the stove.

A metal grill is also mounted to the stove for added heat.

The stove is made of 2,000 pounds of wood.

The video is from a 2013 episode of the Discovery Channel television show, “Big Island”.

The stove was made by a group of amateur builders in Canada called the Flat Earthers.

They built the stove and the video on their own land.

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