Why you can’t live without the flat minor

It’s no secret that if you’re a minimalist, you often want to take things easy.

But if you live in a minimalist lifestyle, you’re probably a lot more productive and less stressed than if you lived in a more traditional home, according to a new study.

In the study, published Wednesday in the journal PLoS ONE, researchers found that a flat major can lead to a greater reduction in stress and happiness in a typical person than a flat minors, which can result in a decrease in well-being.

The study, which was funded by the National Institutes of Health, involved over 2,000 participants ages 18 and older who had been living with two or more people for a year.

Participants were asked to participate in a short questionnaire about how they would be happier if they had a flat Major, as well as a longer questionnaire on what the flat Major would mean to them.

In both questions, participants were asked about their life satisfaction and well-Being, and how much they value the life they’re living.

In addition, they were asked whether they felt they were “happy” or “unhappy” with their life, and what they would change about their lives to make them more happy.

In total, the researchers interviewed 2,958 people, and their results revealed that those who reported having a flat Minor in their lives were more likely to report happiness, to feel that they had “an easy life” and to have “an open mind.”

That is, they tended to report a positive attitude toward life and to feel positive about the future.

The findings are the result of an analysis of data collected from over 2.5 million participants in the United States.

And it appears that people who have a flatMajor tend to be more optimistic about the world than those who don’t.

But this optimism is a bit more complex than that.

The researchers found, for example, that those with a flatMinor reported higher levels of happiness than those with other types of major.

In a sense, they reported more positive feelings about life.

But when it came to having an easy life, the study found that those without a flat Minors reported more negative feelings, as measured by a “negative affect index,” or how unhappy they were about their current situation.

They also reported feeling less positive about themselves than those without any major, or who reported a flatM, in the past month.

“The positive emotion index was higher in people with a negative affect index of zero,” Dr. Steven Levitt, a professor of psychology at Harvard University, told Live Science.

The authors of the study also found that people with flat Majors reported lower levels of negative moods, a “depressive disorder” that can affect mood.

However, they also found a link between a flatB and more positive moods.

For instance, those with flatMajors who had more negative affect tended to have higher levels in their negative mood scales, and they also tended to be less depressed.

In other words, those who had a negative mood tended to feel more negative than those whose moods were more positive.

These results suggest that having a high negative affect scale (which is linked to a higher level of negative affect) may be related to a lower risk of depression and anxiety.

“This finding suggests that a higher negative affect score may be linked to lower anxiety and depression, but also more positive affect scores, indicating a more positive outlook,” Levitt said.

The research also found some similarities between people with two flat Major’s and those who do not have a minor.

Those with a major are less likely to be unhappy, but less likely than those not to have a major to feel satisfied with their lives, the authors said.

But those with two minor’s are more likely than others to report negative mood symptoms, like depression and anhedonia, according, to the study.

This means they may also be more likely, when asked, to say they feel “unwelcome.”

A flat Major can also make life a bit less enjoyable, according the researchers.

They found that having more negative mood scores correlated with a lower level of well- being, happiness and happiness-related qualities.

But the researchers also found evidence that people reporting flat Major have higher rates of negative and anxious feelings.

Those who reported feeling “uncomfortable” in their life had a higher incidence of depression.

So it appears a flat Majors can increase stress and anxiety in people, which may lead to an increased risk of feeling stressed or anxious.

What are some things you need to know about the flat major?

As you may have guessed, the flat Minor is the most common major for people with major depression, according with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

The study found there are more than 12 million Americans living with depression, and there are about 7 million of those in the U.S. According to the CDC, about 13 percent of the population has a flatMin, which means that one in four people will have it.


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