Aussie couple have been reunited after four decades apart

AUBURN HILL, Victoria – The Australian couple who spent three decades separated after their grandparents were killed by a lightning strike have been reuniting.

Key points:The couple, who are the oldest living in Australia, were separated in 1953 and 1953-54The couple’s granddaughter was born two years later and they met again in 2008Mr and Mrs Linton, who were born in 1953, were living in the northern suburbs of Melbourne when the lightning strike took place in 1953.

The couple was separated for nearly four decades before reuniting in 2008They were born just two years apart but the birth of their granddaughter in 2008 was the last time they met.

“I think we are going to miss each other a lot, we both look like we are in our 70s and we both have a little bit of a different style,” Mr Linton said.

“She’s just like any other girl and she’s very smart and she knows how to play.”

“We’ve both been very lucky in life, I’ve had lots of good times and I’ve got a lot of good memories, I think we’re going to have a really good time together.”

Mr Linton and Mrs Tinton were reunited in 2008, after being reunited after more than a decade apart.

They said their grandparents, William and Mary Tinton, were a wonderful, kind, generous, caring and kind man who would have been proud of them.

“My grandmother was very kind to us, she would have said, ‘come over here, I’m going to give you a present’.”

The couple were originally from Sydney and moved to Melbourne in the 1950s.

They spent four decades living apart.

“We were separated because we had been together four decades,” Mr Tinton said of the 1959 birth of his granddaughter, Elly.

“They had a baby girl, she was born at home on the first of January, so we were together for a long time.”

It was like, ‘what is going on?’

We didn’t know what to do with ourselves.

“But it was a nice little break, it was good to get some rest, a little rest, we got to get to know each other again.”‘

We are not separated’The couple has two older grandchildren.

“One of them was born in 2008 and the other one was born a few months later, so they’re both older than me,” Mr Prentice said.’

We were born four years apart’The Tinton’s first son, John, was born just four years after the lightning strikes took place.

Mr Prentice, who was eight at the time, said his grandfather was a very lucky man.

“He was an excellent father, very good to his son, but he was a bit of an odd man.

He would just leave him in the back room at night, and he was not too keen on us,” he said.

The Tondons lived in the suburb of Maitland and Mr Prentices mother worked in the local hospital.

“When we moved to the suburbs he would leave me in the car, he would drive up and down the road and I’d go home and be on the phone,” Mr Foy said.

Mr Tondos grandmother, Helen, was a doctor who also worked in hospitals.

“There was no family and so I was kind of just left in the cold, and she was really good, she just gave me so much support,” he recalled.

“The way she spoke to me, she’d say, ‘this is the doctor, this is my baby, you’re a doctor’.”

Mr Prentices grandfather, James, who worked as a doctor in Melbourne, was also a nurse and was involved in many of the community activities that would have made the family happy.

“So I have a big family of seven, all my granddaughters are nurses,” he joked.

“And I’m the oldest.”‘

They’re all a bit old’The first meeting Mr Littons granddaughter Elly made the most of was when they went to a concert at the Tond’s home in Maitlands.

“Elly had a very, very bright future ahead of her and she had a really big future ahead,” he remembered.

“Her brother was a teacher, she had been teaching at the age of five and she said to her mum, ‘when I get older I’m gonna go to university’.”

He was a member of the Melbourne Medical Society and was in the nursing home when he met Elly in 1957.

“Our first meeting was a big event,” he recounted.

“This was a time where she was just starting to realise what she wanted to do.

She said, `I want to be a nurse’.”

The Tents first child, John Jr, was conceived in 1959.

Mr Litton’s son James was born nine years later.

Mr Foy has fond memories of the family’s time together.

“For a long period of time


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