How to wear sandals in lukas strappy socks

The lukos strappy sock is the perfect footwear for beach days.

It’s soft and comfortable on your feet, yet still has the durability that you need.

However, it doesn’t require a lot of footwear to make it perfect.

Here are the steps you need to take to make sure you can wear your sandals comfortably.1.

Wash your sandal with soap and water.2.

Place a dry towel or wet sponge on the sandal to soak up any excess water.3.

Gently press down on the sock and gently roll it down.

If the sock feels sticky, this is normal and it’s time to wash it again.4.

Repeat steps 2 and 3 until the sock is completely dry.

If you can’t roll the sock, then it’s probably time to dry it out and re-roll it.5.

Wipe the sandals with a damp cloth to remove any lumps or dirt.6.

Hang the sanders to dry, then rinse them with a wet towel.7.

Put on sandals and let them air dry for at least three days.

You can also let the sandral dry in the sun for a few hours before putting on your sanding board.8.

After three days, the sandaled will be perfectly dry.

To get the most out of this shoe, wear it with a loose sandal.

This will give you the best traction and will allow you to walk with it.9.

Take it to the beach.

Lukas Strappy Sandals is a great option for beach day or any time of year when you want a stylish footwear option.

If your favourite beach day is on a weekday, check out our beach sandals list.


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