Dyson: $1.3m in ‘gifts for the people’ deal for the homeless

A company in San Diego has agreed to donate $1 million to a program that provides apartments and homes to people who have lost their homes.

Dyson said the donation would support homeless people and the homeless and provide a financial lifeline for them and their families.

Dyrne is one of a number of companies that have pledged to donate to the Housing First project, which provides apartments for people who are homeless and homeless-related.

The program helps people rent out their homes for up to a year and then buy a new one.

The company said the money will go towards the costs of operating the program and for purchasing and installing the new apartments.

The announcement came after Dyrnes’ founder and CEO, John Dyson, donated $2 million to the homeless program in March, the same month the company announced its commitment to donate.

The San Diego Housing First program is focused on assisting homeless people in San Francisco, the city Dyrns hometown.

Dyns founders have also donated $100 million to nonprofits and charities over the years, including a $1 billion donation to help prevent the spread of the Zika virus.

In 2016, Dyrners founder, David Smith, also donated the bulk of his fortune to charity, making him one of the richest people in the world.

He donated $5 million to help raise money for the Global Fund for the Homeless.

Dryden was one of several tech companies that made their initial donations to the Global Food Challenge, a nonprofit organization that provides financial assistance to the poor and needy in developing countries.

Tech companies have also made donations to homeless programs in San Jose, San Francisco and elsewhere in California, which are typically funded by government and nonprofit organizations.

Dys also is the owner of the San Jose Sharks.

He is also a board member of a nonprofit called Housing First, which is an initiative of the company that offers apartments for homeless people.

DYS’ donation follows the announcement earlier this year that Microsoft donated $1,000 to a homeless shelter.

The charity, called Homeless Mission, will be a new addition to Microsoft’s commitment to homelessness.

The Microsoft donation comes after another company donated $25 million to support the Global Homeless Network, a project that helps homeless people move into permanent housing.


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