How to wear a flat cap on the go: The rules

The rules about wearing flat caps on the job and around the home are simple, but how to do it in the right way can be hard.

Flat caps are often worn on the head, but also on the ears, under the chin, or on the bottom of the hat.

Here’s how you should wear them.

Headgear for the flat cap Headgear should be worn on your head at all times.

You should not wear the headgear if you are too thin.

Your earpiece should not protrude too far from your face.

And if you do wear a headgear, make sure you wear it well.

Earpiece for the Flat Cap If you do not wear a hat, a flat earpiece is a great accessory for flat caps.

There are two types of earpieces available: flat earpieces and rimmed earpieces.

They are typically made of polycarbonate, or other materials.

A flat earring is usually a small metal piece with a hole at the bottom.

It is usually the same diameter as the brim.

It usually fits snugly over the ears and is shaped like a crown.

Rimmed earrings are typically metal rings with a round hole at one end.

They usually fit snugly under the ears but can be slightly loose at the other end.

The earrings should fit snug but not so tight that it will cause the earpiece to fall out.

For more information about wearing earrings, check out the Flat Earring Guide .

Flat earrings can also be worn with a cap or helmet.

Headgear for a flat crown If you wear a cap, earrings or a helmet, the flat crown should be at the top of the head.

It should be placed in front of the ear or in front.

A flat crown is usually made of metal or a polycarbonated material.

You may wear a single earpiece at the front of your head and one flat ear piece at the back.

Tailor your earpieces to your body Headgear can be tailored to the shape of your ears.

This can include whether you wear two earpieces or one earpiece.

You should not have to wear more than one flat crown.

If you have two ears, you can wear both at the same time.

If a single flat crown can fit your ears perfectly, it’s a good idea to wear it for the whole day.

If your ears need some extra support, you may need to wear an additional earpiece or earrings.

The tips below help you to determine the best way to wear earrings on the flat.

Earpiece for a Flat Crown If you are wearing a flat helmet, a single piece of metal can be attached to the back of your helmet to provide additional support.

If you wear ear plugs, you will need to attach a flat ring to the front to add additional support to your ears if they are wearing ear plugs.

To wear earpieces on a flat, you need to be sure that the earpieces are placed snugly and evenly over the top and sides of the ears.

If there are gaps, your earrings may need some additional support if you wear them over the ear.

Hanging on to a Flat Earpiece If you use a flat hat, ear plugs or a hat liner, you should make sure that you hang your earpiece on the front.

This will help keep the flat from moving around the ear, but it will also make it easier to get the earring onto your head.

When you hang on to your earring, make certain that the ring is firmly attached to your hair and not on the back, neck or side of your face or your neck.

Tip: Hang your ear pieces on your ears with one hand while you wear the other hand to keep the earrings from moving.

If it is difficult to get your ear jewelry on your scalp, wear a small plastic glove over the whole ear and tie it securely to the bottom side of the helmet.

When you hang the ear pieces, make the ear rings fit snug and evenly, but don’t get too snug.

Make sure that your ears are still flat and the ear tips are still attached to you.

Flats are also easy to wash and dry.

Wear earrings over the flat Earrings can be worn over the hairline or the flat of the crown.

You can also wear earring caps over the crown to provide more support.

This is best for long hair, long earrings and for people with sensitive ears.

Filling the Flat Crowns or Earrings If you want to fill the flat, use a piece of plastic that can be easily cleaned.

This plastic will make it easy to clean the flat without damaging the ears or causing a flat to fall.

It also makes the flat easy to see and to see whether you have enough flat on your face for your ears to fit.

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