ISTANBUL: The National Tourism Corporation (NTC) on Monday unveiled a new initiative that will see it launch its own culture campus in the capital, Baku, and also organise cultural activities at other venues in the city.

The NTC has set a goal of having a culture campus for the first time in Baku.

NTC chief executive, Shabnam Ali Shah, said the initiative will be launched on September 18.

“I am announcing it now so that the city can get a taste of our culture and culture centres and then also a taste at the culture centre of the country,” she said.

It is the first initiative to be launched by the NTC, which is in charge of setting up and running cultural centers and cultural activities in Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijan is home to many of the world’s largest and most vibrant cultural centers, including the World Culture Festival in Baghramar and the World Heritage Sites of Azerbaijan and Azerbaijan Republic.

Baku is also a key hub for the Iranian-Russian-Iranian cultural exchange.

Last month, NTC President Azad Ismail said the NTN would provide facilities to a private company to establish a cultural centre in Bakhramar.

At the time, Ismail had also expressed hope that the NTnC would set up a cultural campus in Bagan.


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