Coastline’s $2,700 flat falls flat

Coastline, the largest luxury hotel in the world, is under fire for the loss of $2.7 million flat and the damage to its interior.

The hotel has been under fire by its critics since it opened in March.

The hotel is a destination for the elite who are often guests of the super rich.

The resort was a hotbed for the super wealthy, but the hotel is now at the center of a controversy.

“Coastline has become the poster child for luxury hotels in this country, and it is time for this to stop,” said the Alliance for Property Owners and Management, which is pushing to make the hotel a public institution.

Coastlines spokesman Brian Cates said the company is working with the hotel to determine what damage was done and what repairs were needed.

Coasts own the property, but it’s not clear how much is owed to the hotel, Cates told The Associated Press on Tuesday.

Coasters owners are not getting a fair shake.

“They are getting a little bit of a pass for things like the fire damage, and that’s a little unfair, and the owners of other hotels are getting the same treatment,” said Mike Waggoner, a coasters owner from Michigan.

The National Association of Realtors said it’s a bad situation for the hotel’s future.

It’s concerned the hotel could lose its tax benefits and could be forced to close.

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