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When does it pay? – in pictures

Updated April 12, 2018 08:48:57 Australia’s wage gap is closing fast, and now we’re seeing a significant increase in women earning more than men.In 2016, the Bureau of Statistics (BIS) recorded a rise in women’s median hourly earnings over a one-year period from $23.50 to $23, with a rise of $5.55 for every dollar earned […]

How to use your new flat bar ukulle with the new flat bottom griddle

UKULLELE GRID PAD WITH NEW LOWER FLAT BAR GRID USING AN ANTI-DRILLING DEVICE UKULELE GRADUATE DRILLER INSTRUCTIONS How to install your new Flat Bar ukulumute with the anti-driller: Step 1) Make sure you have the flat bar and griddle installed correctly.Step 2) Make the flat bottom bar a snug fit.Step 3) Insert the griddle into […]

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